Namesake Cabins

Add a leaf, build a cabin!

What an exciting opportunity you have to be part of something great here at Fort Heritage. It is with excitement that we offer this proposal:

A Fort Heritage cabin in your ancestors namesake!

How it works:

  • come up with an ancestral family name that you would like a Fort Heritage cabin named after.
  • Get your family & friends involved! Build a ‘tree’ (your network)
  • and gather ‘leaves’ of capital contribution to have this cabin built.
  • Supply a picture & heritage story that can be shared/featured in the cabin for many visitors to enjoy.

We will be accepting names on a first come/minimum required $ amount reached basis, so get your families on board, gather some ‘leaves’ and submit your ancestral name for review & approval. Once a tree’s ‘leaves’ reach the $45,000 pledge minimum requirement, your submission will be reviewed for acceptance, contributions will be collected, building permits acquired, we will make up the difference and the cabin will be underway!


How cool is that! A cabin built to feature your ancestor! Many visitors along with you and your family will be able to come, enjoy and share in the Fort Heritage experience while getting to know your ancestors even better.


The Value Proposition: your contributions can also correlate to future discounts and incentives towards your stay with us. So make sure to like & follow us on Facebook and keep an eye out for some great deals!



Get started today, call 403.653.4883 to learn more.

Please read our Contribution Agreement if you are considering this opportunity.